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Internet Safety & Security

AVG Internet Security

We recommend the AVG Internet Security software suite for peace of mind when surfing the internet. It's available as either a 1 or 2 year licence and we have found it to be a very effective anti-virus product. We have been using this product ourselves for a number of years without any problems. Click here for a brochure.

Internet Filtering

The Internet can be a very powerful yet dangerous place, especially for kids. It only takes a small typing error in a search engine and unfortunately you can have content displayed on the screen that can be shocking or scary for kids. For business, inappropriate web surfing can easily affect productivity.

We recommend the use of an Internet Filtering product called AVG Cloudcare. This software categorises websites and then uses these categories to allow only web pages deemed appropriate by you to be displayed on the screen. 

It's cheap, reliable and gives you the parent the safety and security of knowing that your kids can surf the web safely without seeing harmful or unsuitable information. Click here for more information. Contact us for more information about this product including a free 30 day trial.