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What We Are About

A brief summary of our business aims and objectives.

"Computers Without the Bull"
- We are about trying to keep the techno-babble out of computing. Unlike some of our competitors, we try not to talk down to the customer and we aim to make them feel comfortable about using their PC's and the technology as a whole. Some of this stuff isn't rocket science!

To this end, we will explain to our customers 'in plain English' what the problems are & how they can be solved in a way that (hopefully) people can understand and not feel like an idiot.

We have a small retail premises and supply hardware and software to order to suit the customer's needs.  If you need a new computer, we will sit down and work out with you what you need, supply and install it and run through it with you all as part of the final price we quoted. We won't sell you something you don't need just because we can....It's crazy that so many retailers are happy to sell stuff to customers but are unwilling or unable to help them with it as soon as they've walked out of the door!

If you're having computer problems we are happy to visit you; meaning you don't have to unplug all your cables and make a trip into town to get your PC fixed and then worry about plugging it all back in again once you get home. If we can fix it there we will & we will explain what we did in a way that you can understand & relate to.

If we can't fix it onsite we'll take it away to our workshop, get it sorted and then if you want we can return it to you and make sure it's all set up and working properly in your own environment.

The reason why we keep it simple is that we hope this will enable people to get more enthusiastic about what they can do with their PC and get more involved with the technology.